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Recruit and retain talent: report shows that Accolade adds value for employers and health plans

March 22, 2022 | 3 min read

As employers, we’ve all heard of The Great Resignation and have probably felt it within our own companies. We're now in a period that’s being called “The Great Retention.” Employers are looking for new ways to keep their top talent — and people want more than ping pong tables and free snacks.   

So, what do they want? A 2021 study by Mercer & Marsh Benefits shows they want better healthcare. Healthcare-related items were ranked in the top 15 valuable services and solutions that an employer can offer, including access to virtual care, help finding the right doctor and having a service that helps secure and pay for a second medical opinion.   

Notably, the study found that “Employees with the most varied well-being resources are 35 percentage points less likely to move elsewhere, 27 points more confident they can get the healthcare they need and 11 points more energized than those offered no resources.”  

Research by Savanta shows Accolade’s Personalized Healthcare services add value   

Savanta conducted a survey on behalf of Accolade in September and October of 2021 to determine if Accolade’s Personalized Healthcare services, including advocacy, navigation and care delivery, improve employees’ experience and perception of both their health plan and employer. [1] 

The results demonstrate that Accolade’s personal, data-driven and value-based approach is the one healthcare service that people, and their families find indispensable. Most Accolade members feel that Accolade has made their experience with healthcare easier (93%) and that it has improved their healthcare benefit experience (92%).   

Key results are highlighted in this blog post, or you can download the full report to get all the details.  

Retain talent with Accolade  

The survey conducted by Savanta showed the following:

  • Accolade members are more likely to feel that the quality of health benefits provided is more impactful on their tenure with their current employer than non-members (88% vs. 59% for non-members).  

  • Accolade members are more likely to believe that health benefits provided by their current employer are more convenient (93% vs. 62% for non-members), offer a wider range of benefits (91% vs. 65% for non-members) and are of higher quality (89% vs. 67% for non-members) than those offered by their previous employer.    

Recruit talent with Accolade    

Employers with Accolade have a recruiting advantage when it comes to benefits. Accolade members like the speed of service, believe their range of benefits are better and report that their benefits are more convenient and efficient.

  • Convenience and efficiency (93% vs. 62% for non-members).

  • Ease of navigation (93% vs. 62% for non-members).  

  • Range of benefits offered (91% vs. 65% for non-members).  

  • Speed of service (91% vs. 62% for non-members).     

The full report also includes ways to attract talent with Accolade. Download it today.     

[1] Savanta surveyed 150 Accolade members and 150 non-Accolade members about their experience with insurance and healthcare providers. For more details on methodology, see the full report.

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