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Employee healthcare so good, it feels like a signing bonus

What’s next in employee experience? Exceptional healthcare delivered by humans. Not bots. With Accolade, your people and their families are treated like individuals. We provide access to quality primary care, mental health support and expert medical opinions all backed by a team of clinical and benefits specialists. It’s an experience your people will love.

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Hi Ashley


I’m going to schedule your appointment with your primary care physician.


Individual care for all

Accolade empowers doctors and providers to tailor their approach to each individual and make a difference in their lives, human to human.

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Your prescription has been sent

Your prescription has been sent

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Matched with a primary care physician


Data powered.
People centered.

Our True Health Engine uses real-time data to detect important health events, flag life-saving early interventions and recommend the next best actions. Our 24/7 Care Team connects with each person to provide them with personalized support.


Better experiences.
Better health outcomes.

We get your people and their families to the right care because we see them as they are, in all their humanity. The result? Better health outcomes. Greater job satisfaction. And lower costs for you.

Physical Therapy

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What people say about us

I wish there was a way we could weave Accolade into the benefit regime for all people. If so, we would reduce healthcare spending in the U.S. measurably.

Health system employee and benefits consultant

Real results you can see

Healthier employees


More personalized and preventive care means more engaged employees, increased job satisfaction, and higher NPS scores.

More cost savings


We deliver substantial and sustainable cost savings and lower year-over-year trends compared to market average, beginning in the first year.

More productivity


Fewer sick days, treatments, and hospital stays allow your people to spend more time innovating and less time recuperating.

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Accolade Care

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  • Virtual care for physical and mental health
  • Same-day primary care appointments
  • Support from 24/7 Care Team
  • Better health outcomes through whole-person primary care
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