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Healthcare Advocacy – with superpowers.

Accolade healthcare solutions combine unstoppable Care Advocates, physician-led care teams, and industry-leading technology. The result? Outstanding care experiences. 

The healthcare of your employees’ dreams

What’s next in benefits? The passionate support of a personal Care Advocate is just part of the picture. Only Accolade combines traditional advocacy with 1000+ top US physicians and the modern experience you expect from consumer technology. Every part of your healthcare experience should feel connected and caring. With Accolade, it does.

Differentiated results



Clinical appointments booked same-day [1]



Increased EMO utilization [2]



Expected claims savings [3]

What if everything about healthcare was easier?

Imagine your healthcare experience being so easy it actually saves you time and feels caring from start to finish. Sounds good, right? Accolade has spent over 15 years building a better healthcare experience. Rooted in advocacy, our approach addresses a fragmented healthcare system by including physicians from the beginning. From provider shortages and care deserts to social determinants of health and disconnected healthcare data, Accolade closes the gaps in the healthcare system so members can get on with their day – and live their healthiest lives.



Up to 5% of consults recommend an alternative diagnosis and we improve treatment plans 60-70% of the time. [4]


Medication management

$7k average cost savings across MSK diagnoses resulting from alternative treatment plans and diagnoses for lumbar, knee and hip challenges. [5]



90% of expert medical consults result in improved treatment plans, improving outcomes and savings across the risk continuum. [6]


Diabetes management

When coupled with Accolade, diabetes point solutions see as much as 16% lift on existing engagement. [7]


Physician-led Care Teams

Accolade doctors and specialists are integrated into clinical care journeys at just the right moments. We use doctor-to-doctor connections to streamline your healthcare experience from start to finish.


The heart of a lion

If you’re going to fix a fragmented healthcare system, you need tenacity and devotion. Every member is partnered with a Care Advocate who combines expertise and empathy with the relentless drive to ensure your every care need is met. Our teams are supported by top physicians, and truly stunning technology.


Stunning technology

Why expect less from healthcare experiences than you do from retail? Banking? Taxi companies? Unified data, predictive recommendations, smart applications, seamless integrations, and closed-loop reporting should be the standard, not the exception. For us, they are.

Great partners make all the difference.

Accolade partners are carefully selected as the best in their specialization, easily purchased and integrated with Accolade, and more effective when coupled with us.

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