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How do you change the healthcare experience? It starts with getting to know people, personally. We engage more people, more often — 2/3 of the time before a care event occurs. This means we’re engaging more than 70% of families consuming healthcare, 5-10x more frequently than conventional solutions.

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Compassionate people. Empowered by technology.

Accolade is an on-demand healthcare concierge for employers, health plans and health systems. Our unique combination of compassionate, trusted health assistants supported by breakthrough science and technologies leads to better healthcare decisions and lower healthcare costs.

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My nurse saved my life, literally. She sent me for immediate care when I was diagnosed with a blood clot and has kept in touch with me and helped me find all the right specialists to manage my care. Everyone should have the benefit of Accolade on their side.
– AmeriGas Member
When speaking with Accolade during open enrollment my Health Assistant volunteered to help me with any questions I may have, rather than having call each entity myself. It made my life so much easier and I got all my answers before enrollment closed.
– Lowe's Member
The Accolade mobile app is perfect. Because I'm busy, I'm not always able to speak to a live rep on the phone, messaging on the app just makes things very convenient.
– Comcast Member
If AmeriGas was ever to cancel [Accolade], I would pay the extra to get the service they are able to provide. Thank you for all the help.
– AmeriGas Member
Accolade is different. They consistently stand behind their promise of doing everything they can to be engaged and helpful.
– NBCU Member
Accolade is always very helpful, courteous and professional. They saved me money on procedures that I had by checking on costs. Keep up the excellent customer service. I will continue to use your services.
– Lowe's Member
The woman that is working with me is phenomenal She is incredibly diligent, friendly and professional. She has, in my opinion, gone above and beyond the call of duty to assist me with a billing issue from my doctor. I truly appreciate her dedication to customer service and to her job.
– Independence Blue Cross
I called Accolade and they contacted the doctor’s office. Now, they're resubmitting my claim to the insurance company. I am very relieved because this was a large amount of money... I was very impressed with my Assistant’s professionalism and courtesy. She really listened to me and responded so respectfully. I will recommend this service to anyone.
– Comcast Member

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