It Starts With Better Decisions.

When individuals and families are empowered to make the best decisions about their healthcare, and connected to the resources they need, good things happen: increased engagement, higher satisfaction, better health outcomes, and lower healthcare costs. That is the power of personalized advocacy.

Personalized Advocacy is the Key.

For Employers

Give employees a single point of entry to healthcare and benefits – along with the most personalized support possible. You’ll see 98% satisfaction and savings up to 15%.

For Health Plans

With high-touch, high-tech advocacy, Accolade helps you achieve breakthrough results: 65% engagement, 2-10x increase in utilization, and 60+ Net Promoter Scores.

For Members

With unmatched insight about each member, a team of health and benefits experts uncovers and supports any healthcare need, influencing decisions over time.

My pharmacy was closed due to Hurricane Harvey. The lady that I spoke to helped me find an alternative store and figure out how I'd be able to place the order for my meds. Truly a life-saver because I can't go without my meds.
Lowe's employee

Compassion, Expertise and Technology

Digital health apps alone are not enough. Neither is empathetic guidance. To understand the unique life context and needs of each person, and deliver the right health and benefits recommendations at the right time, you need compassion, technology and expertise working together.


We invest in building long-term, one-to-one relationships with the members we serve, understanding not just their health conditions but all of their needs, concerns and challenges that may affect their health and well-being. Compassion is the foundation for establishing trust, providing personalized support and influencing healthcare decisions.


Our Health Assistants know health plans and employer benefit programs inside and out, so your employees don't have to. Our Nurses have an average of 18 years of clinical experience, and with other members of our Clinical Team, provide unbiased, evidence-based support to help improve both health and financial outcomes.


We apply advanced technologies to empower people to make the best healthcare decisions faster. Our technology creates a connected healthcare ecosystem that enables data to be shared securely and used to deliver highly personalized health and benefits support.

Accolade innovation: Engaging people through compelling, seamless experiences

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