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Why your benefits strategy needs Personalized Healthcare

November 09, 2021 | 4 min read

Your benefits strategy is important. Every employee at any stage of their career wants a robust benefits plan. And, according to a recent survey, the top priority for chief human resource officers in the next three to six months is retention. [1] That’s why building a comprehensive benefits strategy with a holistic approach for your team that addresses the whole person and provides a personalized healthcare experience is imperative. 

Accolade is the one healthcare service that your people and their families will love. Our Personalized Healthcare approach is personal, data driven and value based to provide an exceptional healthcare experience.

Employee benefits to help with retention

Almost nine in 10 executives said their company is experiencing a higher turnover rate than what they previously faced. [1] Offering a competitive benefits package that cares for the whole person and provides a personalized healthcare experience can reduce the likelihood that an employee will start searching for another job. 

We want your people to feel valued and cared for — that’s why our Personalized Healthcare approach puts human connections and relationships at the center of each person’s care. With our personalized solutions, 93% of care barriers are identified and mitigated, showing that human connections improve health outcomes.

Our human-to-human approach extends from helping people understand their benefits to building long-term relationships between providers and patients. We believe physical and mental health are intertwined and we work in a holistic manner to always understand the whole person and integrate those care paths.

We also use data to help you understand your employees’ needs. We built our platform to serve people. We are unbiased in our approach and our platform helps us address the health needs of your entire population — including those who are typically underserved by the healthcare system.

Using a benefits strategy to attract talent

Typically, employee health benefits are one of the most expected and in-demand options an employer can provide. That’s why it’s important to offer prospective employees a healthcare experience they’ll love. 

This was highlighted with the pandemic. It showed how important quality care can be — and employees have always been cost-conscious when it comes to healthcare. We’re able to provide the type of care employees expect by working to understand each member as a whole person and empowering our doctors and care teams with the data they need and give them the information they need to focus on the people they meet with. 

Our technology makes tailored, personalized recommendations to drive better patient outcomes. It enables us to immediately provide the right healthcare options, from virtual care and specialist appointments to a second opinion or prescription refill. This approach allows us to consistently achieve over a 90% member satisfaction score — and happy employees can help you with retention. 

Employee benefits to save your business money

Personalized Healthcare can provide your business up to three times the return on investment.

According to a recent independent study, after implementing Accolade, our customers spent an average of 3% less on healthcare costs than a matched control group. Before implementing Accolade, our customers spent about 5% more per member, per year on healthcare than the same control group.

We’re tailoring healthcare to people’s unique needs. We view the whole person. This includes eliminating silos between physical and mental health and understanding the context of people’s lives so that people always feel seen.

Our providers have a comprehensive view of the patient. This creates an uninterrupted healthcare journey as people don’t have to inform doctors or specialists about their needs from providers in our network or current prescriptions. We’re with people every step of the way.

Our team is always there for your people. We provide contact with our 24/7 Care Team with easy access via a phone call, our app or secure messaging.

Your employee benefits plan needs Personalized Healthcare

Show people that you’re invested in their overall health and future while also attracting new talent by implementing a personalized healthcare experience your entire team will love.

The combination of partners, data and a seamless digital experience helps to support a stronger human experience throughout the care journey. As our partners Rx Savings Solutions said, “you might say it puts the person in ‘personalized’ healthcare.” 

At Accolade we believe the best opportunity to impact your people’s lives is with healthcare. Personalized Healthcare is the future of healthcare — and the future is now. 

Are you interested in learning more about Personalized Healthcare? Schedule a demo today.


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