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How your women’s health benefits can address barriers to care 60 min

How your women’s health benefits can address barriers to care

Accolade addresses the barriers that women face when accessing healthcare.

In this webinar

If your benefits strategy doesn’t address the barriers that women at your company face when accessing healthcare, you’re doing a disservice to them. And if you’re not preparing to address the many new barriers to women’s healthcare that are on the horizon, chances are you’re already behind.

However, your HR team has the power to ensure the women in your organization can access the care they need. Join Accolade's director of benefits, Mary Lasky, and women’s health team clinical leader, Jessica Huertas, as they discuss ways to improve access to care.

This session is hosted by the From Day One editorial team, with support from Accolade.

Learn how implementing the right benefits can:

  • Create an ecosystem that supports women’s healthcare access holistically and with an eye to the future

  • Support the entire family by supporting the people most likely to be caregivers

  • Ensure the women in your employee population can easily use the healthcare benefits that you provide

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