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Discover virtual primary care: Overcoming the limits of telehealth60 min

Discover virtual primary care: Overcoming the limits of telehealth

While telehealth can provide convenient, low-cost medical care, the traditional model is limited when it comes to addressing a person’s full healthcare needs.

In this webinar

Join us for a 30-minute webinar and learn how Accolade delivers the future of healthcare with virtual primary care and mental health support. Virtual primary care goes beyond the transactional nature of traditional telehealth models, boosting engagement and improving outcomes. Combining the convenience of a virtual setting with the option to build long-term relationships, Accolade delivers the quality, whole-person care your people are asking for.

Find out how Accolade provides the right care by helping your people:

  • Establish a relationship with a primary care provider

  • Access mental health support

  • Improve chronic disease management

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