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AHIP - Addressing market gaps through virtual connectedness60 min

Addressing market gaps through virtual connectedness

Join this webinar to understand the benefits of adding virtual care to existing health services.

In this webinar

The ongoing prevalence of chronic disease is a challenge faced by many. Learn how a virtual connectedness model can improve issues related to access to care, condition support and achieving better outcomes for members managing chronic conditions. The speakers will discuss the benefits of adding virtual care to existing health services. This includes how health insurance providers can complement traditional in-person care, effectively identify and support members with chronic care needs and use engagement to help avoid or reduce costs.

This webinar is best suited for a health plans audience.

Attendees will learn how:

  • Virtual care can increase satisfaction for health insurance provider clients and members

  • Health insurance providers can offer evidence-based medicine that amplifies engagement of existing payer-specific clinical programs

  • The virtual connectedness model solves fundamental issues related to transactional in-person care, resulting in better health outcomes and appropriate utilization

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