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Data, integration, and innovation: How to transform virtual care60 min

Data, integration, and innovation: How to transform virtual care

Integrating high-quality virtual and in-person care can improve healthcare results for employers and employees.

In this webinar

Employees are facing a health care system where the experience is siloed due to a lack of coordination between virtual and brick and mortar providers. This lack of integration affects the quality of care, leads to confusion, increases costs, strains an already resource light system and negatively impacts outcomes.

This webinar will detail how a solution that integrates high-quality virtual and in-person care can transform health care. From increasing employee healthcare access to improving and streamlining their experiences, this approach will address employee pain points, evolve the way care is provided and improve results — for employees and employers.

Attendees will learn how they can:

  • Integrate virtual primary care, mental health and specialty care

  • Coordinate care across high-quality virtual and in-person providers

  • Use data to deliver proactive outreach, tailored experiences and care recommendations

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