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What primary care should be60 min

What primary care should be: A proven strategy to improve the employee healthcare experience

When your employees struggle to access necessary healthcare, the resulting stress comes with them to work. What is your company’s role in the solution?

Join us for this free webinar to help people live their healthiest lives at work and at home.

Even if you already offer excellent healthcare benefits to your employees, they still can’t easily connect with a primary care doctor. The truth is, if employers adopt a “work smarter, not harder,” mindset when it comes to employee healthcare, they can protect both worker health and productivity.

You’ll walk away knowing:

  • Dos and Don’ts for discussing healthcare benefits with employees

  • The proven strategy you can use to improve your employees’ healthcare experience

  • How to break down the silos between physical and mental wellness, and the role they play in the workplace

  • The “virtual-first” approach — what it is, why it’s a gamechanger, and how to incorporate it into your benefits offering

  • A method that will, if implemented correctly, reduce your company’s healthcare costs

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