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Make a 2024 Plan for Weight Loss and Diabetes Medications60 min

Make a 2024 Plan for Weight Loss and Diabetes Medications

Join Accolade to learn how physician leaders within our organization could provide clinical guidance on bringing GLP-1s into your organization

In this session Accolade physician leaders provide clinical guidance on bringing GLP-1s into your organization.

If you are among the 43% of employers considering coverage of GLP-1s for weight loss like Wegovy and diabetes medication, Ozempic, next year, you need a strategy for rolling them out to your workforce. Who should qualify for coverage?  How can you monitor safe and effective use? Will you need to adjust your population health targets? Panelists:

- Connie Hwang, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Accolade

- James Wantuck, MD, Associate Chief Medical Officer, Accolade. Co-founder, PlushCare


- Katie Miller Blakemore, Senior Manager, Events, Accolade

Learning objectives:

  • Obtain perspective on the true cost of chronic conditions like diabetes and obesity.

  • Understand primary care’s critical role in a holistic care approach and the safe prescription of medications.

  • Learn the key considerations primary care physicians use to diagnose diabetes and obesity and decide if GLP-1s would be a helpful medication.

  • How to appropriately set goals and expectations beyond the medication when it comes to a patient-centered support model.

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