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Why expert medical opinions improve healthcare outcomes and reduce employer costs60 min

Why expert medical opinions improve healthcare outcomes and reduce employer costs

Reduce annual wasted healthcare costs by giving employees access to expert medical opinions.

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The Institute of Medicine estimates that "unnecessary services" are the largest contributor to more than $200 billion in annual wasted healthcare costs. Expert medical opinions can decrease overall medical expenses by reducing overtreatment and misdiagnosis. Giving employees access to high-quality expert medical opinions allows them to utilize this resource at the beginning of their healthcare journey. It also helps ensure the accuracy of diagnosis, staging and treatment, while reducing waste, inappropriate care and excessive healthcare costs.

Join Accolade’s panel of experts from client management and analytics to learn how expert medical opinions:

  • Improve employee healthcare access and treatment confidence

  • Help organizations enhance employee engagement, productivity and healthcare outcomes

  • Deliver an average of $5,000+ savings* per specialist consultation and increased employee satisfaction (*Accolade Expert MD Book of Business 2021)

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