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Evolving Healthcare: Understanding the Limits of Traditional Approaches 30 min

Evolving Healthcare: Understanding the Limits of Traditional Approaches

Join us for a webinar that explores how to identify the limit of your current advocacy approach.

In this webinar

For a long time, healthcare advocacy has existed to simplify a complex system and guide people on individual care journeys. From helping members understand their benefits to finding specialists, advocacy and navigation have been a vital service in a broken healthcare system. In short, traditional advocacy approaches have worked to a certain extent. To make improvements that deliver even better outcomes and lower costs, though, you must first understand the limitations.

You'll learn

  • Why employees have trouble booking appointments and getting in to see physicians

  • The impact of not having whole-person care that guides people every step of the way

  • What happens when providers lack access to all of an employee's pertinent health data

  • How you can address these limitations and improve the advocacy your employees receive

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