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Beyond the pharmacy counter: An employer’s guide to the unseen cost of medications30 min

Beyond the pharmacy counter: An employer’s guide to the unseen cost of medications

An estimated 7% of all hospitalizations are related to adverse drug events and the CDC says it will only get worse. Watch this webinar to learn how you can drive down both direct and indirect costs of medications.

In this webinar

In addition to the 7.4% average increase in employer cost for medications last year, an estimated $3.5B was spent on healthcare costs associated to adverse drug events, much of which was avoidable. As direct costs rise and new medications enter the market, it compounds the risk that your people will take their medications incorrectly or stop taking them all together.

In this webinar, we share details on this often overlooked area of employer-sponsored healthcare so you can understand how to tackle the seen and unseen costs of medications for your people and organization.

Join us to discover

  • What happens to patient adherence and outcomes with prescription medications when their costs are too high

  • Why layers of control in the healthcare industry still fail to prevent adverse drug events and what to do about it

  • How the specialized pharmacy practice of medication therapy consults can help reduce risk and improve clinical outcomes

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