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An employer’s perspective: How to navigate the opportunities and risks of GLP-1s60 min

An employer’s perspective: How to navigate the opportunities and risks of GLP-1s

At Accolade, we're striving to strike a balance between clinical considerations and employee welfare as we shape our own policies. Join our 60-minute interactive discussion where we'll delve into the clinical and financial aspects of GLP-1s

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In light of a new and promising class of drugs that could address the entrenched obesity epidemic, HR leaders and plan sponsors are confronted with a host of questions and unknowns regarding how they will address GLP-1s in their strategic benefit plan offering. This may be the most important benefit plan change they will consider this year: How to prioritize employee health while managing pharmacy spend, defining successful outcomes, and having guardrails around who is eligible to be covered.   

Obesity is not a cosmetic concern—it's a serious health issue that requires empathetic and tangible support. It's time to move beyond the traditional boundaries of healthcare benefits and create a supportive, inclusive environment for all employees.  

Let's join hands to address this pressing issue and foster a culture of health and well-being in our workplaces with the panelist speakers below:

  • James Wantuck, MD, associate chief medical officer, Accolade & PlushCare

  • Nancy Costlow, PharmD, BCSCP, PRS, RPh, sr. director, clinical shared services, Accolade

  • Jennifer Hanson, JD, executive vice president, chief human resource officer, Accolade

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