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Adding value to employers and health plans through Personalized Healthcare 30 min

Adding value to employers and health plans through Personalized Healthcare

How can you improve your employees’ experience and their perception of you and your health plan? Watch this webinar to learn more.

In this webinar

The past few years have changed the way people view the world, their career and their health. Three out of four full-time employees are planning to quit their job this year, and 79% of employed job seekers believe that they can make more money by switching jobs. 

One way HR leaders can attract and retain talent is by supporting people’s health with improved access to care, better outcomes and a personalized experience. 

A recent research by Savanta shows that most Accolade members feel Accolade has:

  • made their experience with healthcare easier (93%)

  • improved their healthcare benefit experience (92%)

  • made them more likely to evaluate their employer’s health benefits when choosing between job offers (92%) 

In this webinar, we share details on how to improve the employee experience and perception of your company. 


Join us to discover

  • How you can retain existing employees and recruit new ones 

  • Ways to give employees an improved benefits experience with increased satisfaction 

  • The means to Improve employee perception of your benefits and health plan 

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