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JCI Achieves Goals with Comprehensive COVID-19 Return-to-Work Strategy60 min

JCI Achieves Goals with Comprehensive COVID-19 Return-to-Work Strategy

Employers across the country are struggling with an unprecedented challenge: how to bring employees back to the workplace safely, keep them healthy and well, and, as financial pressures mount, also generate a positive ROI.

In this webinar

First-movers like Johnson Controls International can help show the way. As an employer with a population of essential workers, JCI had to move rapidly to put a COVID-19 return-to-work strategy in place. Their positive results and lessons learned can help other employers shape their own strategies.

In this webinar, Corinne Carlson, Vice President of Global Benefits at Johnson Controls International, and Phong Nguyen, EVP and GM of Solutions and Growth at Accolade, discuss JCI’s comprehensive clinical approach to workforce health and safety in the time of COVID-19.

Join us to discover

  • JCI’s challenges and goals regarding bringing employees back to work

  • Foundational principles for a solution

  • The four components of JCI’s return-to-work strategy

  • Results of the COVID-19 return-to-work program

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