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Validated healthcare claims cost savings

The most rigorous independent study of medical and Rx claims shows Accolade bends the healthcare cost curve for employers — starting in the first year.

Take control of your healthcare costs with Accolade

An independent study conducted by Aon, a global professional services firm, found that Accolade reduced the healthcare cost trend for employers with 2,000 to 70,000 members beginning in the first year of service.

Claims reduction occurred across key clinical conditions, low- and high-cost members, adult age groups and service categories.

This comprehensive study shows how much and how quickly employers saved with Accolade.

Lower costs per member per year (PMPY)

Employers using Accolade had significantly lower healthcare claims costs after implementation. In the first year with Accolade in 2019, employers saw a healthcare cost trend of 0% (flat) compared to 8.3% trend from the market control.

Aon validates that claims costs for these employers dropped from $590 Per Employee Per Year (PEPY) above the market control, to $432 PEPY below market control in the first year.

Customers implementing Accolade in 2018 saw an annualized healthcare cost trend of 2% compared to 6.1% from the market control over a two-year period.

The two-year employer group saw a 5% trend reduction in the first year after implementing Accolade, and a 3.2% trend reduction in year two.


Reduced claims costs across key clinical categories

Accolade 2019 implementations saw between 5% and 12% cost reductions per member for the most prevalent clinical conditions – such as mental health, disc/musculoskeletal disorders, hypertension and diabetes – compared to the market control.


Lower claims costs across the population, from zero to four+ conditions and high-cost members

Accolade customers experienced compounded savings as healthcare costs, needs and conditions mounted. Customers saw lower average spend for members managing zero to more than four chronic conditions. Reductions occurred for healthy members with no medical conditions to those with complex medical needs, such as those in the top 1% to 25% of spend.


Industry's most rigorous independent study

All six customers in the Aon study met the following report criteria: Fewer than 50,000 employees, service launch in January with a full year of data, and implementation of the complete Accolade Total Health and Benefits solution.

Aon reduces cost and year-over-year trends

Compared to the matched multi-employer controls in 2018 and 2019, all six of Accolade’s customers experienced reductions in cost levels and lower year-over-year trends.

Accolade: The Implementing Claims Cost Impact of Personalized Advocacy

January 2021