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Supporting women’s mental health in the workplace

Mental illness affects millions of women and does so at greater rates than men. This highlights the need for workplaces to adopt a gender-sensitive mental health approach. Discover how employers can empower and support women.

Supporting women’s mental health in the workplace

Creating an inclusive workplace climate

The prevalence of anxiety, depression, and eating disorders is notably higher among women, occurring at twice the rate observed in men.[1] This can be due in part to pre-natal and post-partum depression, symptoms linked to menstruation and menopause, and social factors such as poverty, sexual abuse, stress, and more.

It’s important for employers to provide mental health support that adopts a gender-based approach. This will lead to services that address the unique challenges women face.

Download our one-pager to learn the essential steps employers can take to create an inclusive work environment for their entire workforce.


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