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MSK Bending the curve – Case study

This case study shows how a U.S.-based technology company implemented Accolade Expert MD solution to reduce musculoskeletal expenditures in their employees.

MSK Bending the curve – Case study

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Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions remain one of the primary healthcare concerns for employers. These conditions significantly impact mobility and dexterity, and when left untreated, can negatively affect an individual’s productivity and ability to be present at work.   Accolade Expert MD aims to empower employees and their families to make the best decisions regarding their treatment options. Accolade provides members with medical certainty by connecting them to world-class medical professionals and specialists through live, interactive video consultations in three to five days. Fill out the form to download the full case study and see the Accolade Expert MD solution in action.

This case study highlights how:

  • 44% of surgeries were voluntarily canceled by the member

  • 33% of consultations resulted in an alternate diagnosis

  • 86% of consultations resulted in an improved treatment plan

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