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Accolade’s employee engagement experience improves your organization’s health outcomes

Many people still find it difficult to understand and use their healthcare benefits. Accolade can help by engaging members personally and proactively.

Accolade’s employee engagement experience improves your organization’s health outcomes

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Human resources leaders spend lots of time and energy identifying benefits that will keep their people happy and healthy – and make it easier to recruit new talent.  But many people still find it difficult to use these benefits.

If you’re ready to make sure your people get the most out of the benefits your company provides, Accolade is here to help.  

Our healthcare experts build trusting relationships with each member, learn about their health needs and direct them to the right care. That frees up your HR team to get more done.  

To learn more about how Accolade controls costs and improves health outcomes by engaging everyone on your team, download our new one-pager today.

This one-pager gives an overview of how Accolade

  • Engages with members personally and proactively

  • Understands people’s needs and benefits

  • Delivers comprehensive data-driven support to every member

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