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Why employees opt out of employer healthcare

August 11, 2023 | 1 min read

Though it may seem like common sense to opt into employer-sponsored healthcare, nearly 40% of employees choose to explore different options. [1] Following are some of the reasons your workforce might consider alternatives.

Out-of-pocket costs are still too high

Some workers may opt out because premiums are too costly. With 58% of households living paycheck to paycheck, healthcare costs can be prohibitive. [2] Kaiser Family Foundation and CNBC report that 44% of insured adults worry about covering health insurance deductible costs. [3]

They’re covered on another person’s plan

Just because someone doesn’t choose an employer-sponsored healthcare plan doesn’t mean they aren’t insured. Often those who opt out are on a family plan through a parent or partner.

Lack of inclusive options

Employer-sponsored plans are often designed for the general population rather than each person’s unique needs. If employees don’t see benefits that align with their healthcare needs, they may decline to participate in your health plan.

How can employers encourage workers to opt-in instead?

Employers can help address these concerns and ensure the healthiest workforce possible with personalized healthcare solutions. Accolade partners with HR benefit administrators to help them select and deliver benefits that make it easier to access equitable care, navigate healthcare and have positive experiences.

To learn more, download our report: “Adding value to employers and health plans through Personalized Healthcare.”




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