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Primary care comes to Accolade with PlushCare acquisition

June 09, 2021 | 3 min read

Today we acquired PlushCare, a leader in the virtual primary care and mental health space, taking another step towards delivering the promise of value-based, personalized healthcare for employers in the United States. For those of you who have watched our evolution over the years, this acquisition is the logical next step in our ongoing mission to reinvent healthcare for the people we serve. Over the last decade, we led the creation of a new category in healthcare – advocacy and navigation – where we acted as the front door for all things healthcare and benefits for the people we serve. As is befitting a market leader, today we reinvent the market yet again.

Our vision for the future is bold because our heritage is rich. For more than ten years, our customers have counted on us to manage all of the healthcare experiences for their employees and their families. In addition, they have trusted us with the data required to enable long term longitudinal relationships. These relationships, coupled with our incredibly rich data set, make the idea of healthcare working for every person uniquely possible.

The PlushCare acquisition helps us realize our mission of delivering a personalized healthcare experience to our members. We intend to deliver care to our members and diagnose, prescribe and treat the people we serve. With the addition of primary care and mental health providers to our frontline care team – combined with our benefits experts and employee engagement platform – we’re creating a superlative member experience.

And, importantly, we’re integrating primary care so that it’s agnostic of virtual versus in-person delivery. We believe in doing what’s best for the member and delivering an exceptional and seamless experience regardless of how members choose to get their care. Our primary care physicians will:

  • Have a 360-degree view of the member’s healthcare journey, knowing every physician they are seeing, medication they are taking, condition they are being treated for, and, importantly, any barriers to care they are facing

  • Understand the member’s benefits plan, including what digital programs their employer may have purchased on their behalf

  • Coordinate care and collaborate with high-quality doctors and specialists anywhere in the country using our AI-driven intelligent provider matching capabilities, whether brick and mortar or through virtual care

  • Leverage and extend the incredible longitudinal relationship established by our frontline care teams, scaling their impact through effective preparation and follow-up

In the coming months, we’ll share more about how this integration will deliver an exceptional member experience that will provide better outcomes, higher quality care and reduced costs. We are incredibly excited about the opportunity ahead.

For more information about Accolade solutions that are available today, visit our solutions page or contact our team.

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