How virtual primary and mental health care are reshaping healthcare

Virtual primary care and mental health support is essential to providing the quality of care people deserve. Millions of people don’t have easy access to a primary care physician and an increasing demand for mental health support due to the pandemic.

Accolade Care: A new healthcare solution 

  • The pandemic exposed the many shortcomings that afflict the U.S. healthcare system — it’s time for a change.  

  • We need an approach that’s holistic, human-centered and tailored to people’s needs.  

  • Healthcare is a human experience. People need easy access to virtual primary care and mental health support. 

  • Accolade Care is a forward-looking view of healthcare based on a collaborative care model.

  • Accolade Care is the future of healthcare — a virtual-first solution that looks at people holistically, meets them where they’re at and incorporates a collaborative model that unifies physicians, mental health professionals and specialists to deliver the care every person deserves.

Download the e-book to find out how Accolade Care can help.

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