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4 things to know about “moments that matter”

July 18, 2023 | 2 min read

Earlier this year, Accolade and Savanta spoke to more than 2,000 employer-insured Americans. They found that people are overwhelmed by healthcare and avoiding it until there is a crisis. The “moments that matter” report details why delayed and avoided care increases health risks. It also highlights how employers and human resource professionals can support their workforce in key care moments.

Here are four important factors you should address to help mitigate potential issues.

1. Employers need to be there during moments that matter

Understanding and empathizing when your employees are in need of healthcare treatments can help to manage the cost curve and meet employee experience expectations. Prioritizing a healthy workforce creates stability and encourages an environment of mutual respect between employers and employees.

2. Every person’s medical journey is unique

All employees face different barriers to care — whether they be transportation, childcare, out-of-pocket costs or systemic biases. Stress factors can pair with a person’s experiences and other social determinants of health in unexpected and sometimes infinite ways. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to healthcare. Employers who understand diversity of care can better help their workers thrive.

3. Being proactive should be a priority

Sixty-five percent of workers delay care as a result of feeling overwhelmed by the system. Preventive care is more cost-effective than allowing a health issue to turn into a crisis. Emphasizing that employees take care of themselves can go a long way.

4. Primary care is of primary importance

In creating an environment where proactive care is prioritized, primary care is key. Prevention is worth much more than reactive care. Investment in primary care can remove the factors that overwhelm employees and their families before they reach one of those crucial moments that matter.

Get the full report to discover what is causing employees' healthcare stress and how HR can help by expanding virtual care and promoting health equity.

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