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Report: Employees are overwhelmed, delaying care at high rates

HR can help overwhelmed employees get care when it matters most. New health trends report explores causes of stress and offers solutions, including virtual care expansion and enhanced health equity.

Employees are overwhelmed, delaying care at high rates

A new report by Accolade, based on a Savanta employer healthcare survey, reveals that 49% of employees feel overwhelmed managing their own and their family members' healthcare. As a result, 65% have delayed or avoided care altogether. The top stressors identified are the cost of care, billing confusion, and difficulty finding a provider and making an appointment.

Accolade offers assistance in four key "moments that matter": receiving a new serious diagnosis, managing chronic health conditions, experiencing new symptoms, and finding a provider. More than two-thirds of employees seek support from employers in these moments.

Download the full report to discover the main causes of stress in healthcare and how HR can assist by expanding virtual care and promoting health equity.

How Accolade helps

  • Addressing the moments that matter: Accolade focuses on improving challenges in the four critical moments in employees' healthcare journey, enhancing their experience while addressing cost drivers.

  • Personalizing experiences: Accolade offers benefits options tailored to individual employee needs, helping them overcome specific barriers to care.

  • Predictive modeling and proactive care: By analyzing population data and member health insights, Accolade brings care navigation and support programs to members before health issues become unavoidable.

  • Investing in Primary Care: Accolade encourages investment in primary care, potentially with a virtual-first approach, to remove overwhelming factors for employees and their families.

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