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Engineered to Care

Accolade solutions are engineered to deliver better care on two dimensions: the healthcare we deliver, and the personal care we take in each interaction.

Employee healthcare so good, it feels like a signing bonus

What’s next in employee experience? Exceptional healthcare solutions that combine quality primary care, mental health support and expert medical opinions, backed by a team of clinical and benefits specialists. Only Accolade draws on insights, data and intelligent technology to deliver a healthcare experience enabled by clinicians and Care Teams. It’s an engineered healthcare experience born of empathy and built for scale that your employees will love.

Predictive engagement. Proactive care. Addressing barriers.

Accolade has spent over 15 years refining a better healthcare experience. Rooted in advocacy and navigation and expanded to integrate clinical care and expert medical opinion, our proprietary approach predictively engages members, proactively guides them to care and identifies and addresses the barriers they face. And our value is aligned to your organizational goals with industry-leading performance guarantees and 4% expected savings on claims costs.[1]


Data powered. People centered.

Our True Health Engine captures real-time data and unique member insights to detect important health events, locate high-risk members and flag vital interventions so that highly trained Care Team members can meaningfully engage not just your known high-cost claimants but also the entirety of your member base. Our approach engages over 95% of high-cost claimants and over 70% of families.[2]


Smarter care. Improved outcomes.

Powered by data, our Care Teams proactively guide each member to tailored clinical actions. Human connections built on relationships and the currency of trust are what drive improved health outcomes and savings across the health risk continuum. With Accolade, 66% of members are proactively engaged before seeking care.[3]


Improving access. Increasing care continuity.

With over 15 years in advocacy, we deeply understand the social determinants of health that create barriers to care. Care Teams guide members to the right care, improve continuity and improve outcomes for at-risk populations. Accolade is 3x more likely to uncover contextual barriers that doctors, without the proprietary insights we leverage, might miss.[4] That’s how we help employers achieve 5-12% cost savings across 15 critical health risk categories.[5]

What people say about us

I wish there was a way we could weave Accolade into the benefit regime for all people. If so, we would reduce healthcare spending in the U.S. measurably.

Health system employee and benefits consultant

Real results you can see

Elevated experience

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Over 90% of members are satisfied with their guided care experience. Accolade can elevate your employee experience, satisfaction and loyalty at scale.

Improved outcomes

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90% of expert physician consults result in improved treatment plans. Accolade can improve outcomes and savings across the health risk continuum.

Increased access

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66% of members engage before seeking care, and over 90% take the recommended next best clinical action. Addressing barriers and increasing continuity of care reaches more people.

Find the right solution

Accolade Care

  • Virtual care for physical and mental health

  • Same-day primary care appointments

  • Support from 24/7 Care Team

  • Better health outcomes through whole-person primary care

Accolade Expert MD

  • Access to top-tier, well-known physician specialists

  • Phone or video specialist consult in 3 to 5 days

  • Decision support for chronic illnesses, surgery and care plans

Accolade Connect

  • Virtual primary care

  • Expert Medical Opinion

  • Benefits navigation

Accolade Plus

  • Single point of entry to benefits and clinical guidance

  • Personalized guidance to the right care

  • Benefits and clinical expert support

Accolade One

  • A virtual-first solution that combines all our capabilities

  • Personalized, one-stop resource for all care needs

  • Access to physicians, primary and mental health professionals

  • Value-based care ties interventions, outcomes and savings

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