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What we believe

Beliefs matter. It’s true for people and it’s true for businesses.

What we believe is integral to how we’ve built our solutions, how we care for people and how we will continue to innovate. It’s core to every decision we make.


We believe in lifelong relationships with each person and their family, in sickness and in health.


We believe healthcare is a human right and that equity needs to be built into every care experience.

value-based care

We believe that healthcare costs should reflect the quality and success of the care delivered.

Whole-person care

We believe that mental and physical health are tightly connected and need to be easily accessible.


We’re committed to lasting relationships

We take responsibility for each person’s entire healthcare journey — and that of their family. We’re there for annual check-ups, broken bones, pregnancies and chronic condition care. And we’re 24/7. Technology can improve the healthcare experience, but it will never replace humans. We build trust like it’s our business because, frankly, it is.


We believe healthcare is a human right

Not everyone experiences the healthcare system equitably. Health equity needs to be built into care by understanding what is unique about each person and their circumstances. It’s integrated into everything we develop and deliver to our members, from our solutions to personalized care plans.


We believe healthcare costs should reflect quality of care

The cost of healthcare should be connected to the quality and success of care. That means value-based care replaces fee-for-service. Providers can practice how they always wanted to, focusing on their patients instead of their screens. Employers and their people see better health outcomes, have better experience and lower costs. Accolade has a proven model in place and we’re rapidly building on that success.


We believe mental and physical health are linked

Mental and physical health need to be available to every person no matter where they live. Our virtual-first, collaborative care approach includes primary care physicians, mental health therapists, nurses, care coordinators and psychiatrists working as a united team to support your workforce. Together, they actively support each person to help them live their healthiest life.

Why we believe

Our beliefs are rooted in Accolade's overarching cultural value that we are Stronger Together. We embrace diversity and recognize that our unique perspectives and experiences propel progress and advance humanity. We strongly condemn discrimination in all its forms—whether religious, cultural, racial, gender, ability, age, or otherwise—and actively strive to foster inclusive environments where everyone can flourish.

Stronger together

Do you believe?