Solution | Accolade

A solution based on innovation and transformation

Personalized care meets the most inventive healthcare technology platform.

The Accolade solution combines compassionate Health Assistants supported by deep clinical and behavioral sciences, and a breakthrough technology platform that drives healthcare costs down and satisfaction levels up. Accolade offers solutions for employers, health plans and health systems that meet the unique plan requirements and needs of you and your members.

The costly, complex and fragmented world of healthcare required a consumer-focused service that simplifies decision-making, lowers costs and makes people healthier and happier. Our engagement platform delivers a personalized, high-tech, high-touch healthcare experience unlike any other.

Innovation gets personal.

Personalized healthcare isn’t delivered solely via a personal Health Assistant. It’s powered by a platform that empowers everyone — our Health Assistants, benefits teams, and individuals and their families. And while technology is essential to achieving a truly better experience, it can’t stand alone. Our engagement platform combines a personalized care experience and robust technology platform unseen in healthcare.

  • Integrate – Accolade integrates data from nearly every aspect of the healthcare landscape into a single record to serve the needs of members.
  • Analyze – Our engagement engine analyzes data to give benefits teams and plan administrators valuable insights into their populations, utilization trends and care patterns.
  • Improve – These new insights allow our customers to refine and continuously improve plan performance.
  • Empower – Plan, claims and interaction data combine to give Accolade Health Assistants insights not found in any commercially-available database, for the most personalized care support possible.

One person to engage. Every time. Over time.

With Accolade, consumers have one point of contact. A dedicated, on-demand personal Health Assistant to support all of their healthcare needs — whether it’s finding a specialist, interpreting a bill or figuring out which treatment option to pursue.

Unlike other companies that view calls as “transactions,” we regard them as the gateway to truly understanding individuals and support needs. When a question or health issue is addressed, our relationship is just getting started. We continue to provide claims, benefits and clinical support throughout every phase of care.

Even better, engagement occurs via multiple channels — phone, mobile device and online. This is how real engagement works. How we build trust. How we effectively influence decisions.

Proven results. This is what better healthcare looks like.

Better engagement

  • 85% of all families consuming healthcare
  • 90% of high cost claimants – 24 contacts/year
  • 2/3 of ongoing engagement is outbound

Better outcomes

  • 3% reduction in ER visits
  • 9% increase in Rx refills
  • 23% decrease in inpatient days

Better savings

  • 5-15% of claims cost
  • 2-10x greater use of existing programs and tools
  • 3:1 ROI

Better experience

  • 98% consumer satisfaction
  • 70 Net Promoter Score – 10x greater than industry average
  • 1,000s of people loving Accolade

Consider the game changed. Here is what is at the heart of this healthcare revolution.

Supporting our Health Assistants is an experienced clinical team that provides additional medical expertise. They work together to continually review individual health profiles and information to identify potential health red flags.

  • Clinical Support – Disease management and lifestyle coaching. Maternity programs. Nurse triage. Case management. Decision support. From acute issues to chronic conditions, our clinical model supports every person every step of the way for every health condition.
  • Clinical Expertise – Our Clinical Assistants apply leading medical research, evidence-based guidelines and contextual information gleaned from member interactions to provide specific, unbiased options so members can make the best informed decisions based on individual needs and values.

    Click here to learn more about our clinical approach.

One single contact. Multiple contact points.

Every person communicates differently. So our HIPAA-secure service is available whether they prefer phone, mobile app or online.

One single platform. So many solutions.

You’re managing multiple applications and solutions to help employees and plan members manage their health. We make it simple for everyone.

Accolade combines all plan solutions in one place — price transparency tools, second opinion services, telemedicine, wellness applications and more — all inside the Accolade platform and ready for our Health Assistants to recommend to employees and plan members.

Our unique combination of personal touch and technology increases use of all existing plan benefits, tools and programs. This drives up usage — and ROI — and maximizes your investment.

Benefits teams benefit, too. Our integrated platform provides one point of management, plus full reports and analytics that show use and impact, so that you can measure and refine your plan. And if it’s not working, we’ll help you fix it.

Analysis and administration made easier.

Accolade’s multiple reporting and analytics tools give benefits teams actionable insight to inform plan design changes, enable true population health management, and drive ongoing improvements and savings. You’ll get actionable intelligence to make more informed decisions and further boost results.

Our solution makes it easy to analyze medical trends, program usage, performance, and clinical and economic outcomes. And, benefits teams can more easily manage all the health programs and solutions from an easy-to-use reporting portal.