The Path to Healthcare Consumerism Isn't All Ones and Zeroes

You need people plus technology to solve the employee healthcare problem.

Every year, employers of all sizes, across all industries, attempt to engage employees in their health and benefits, improve their healthcare experiences, and deliver better health outcomes at lower costs. HR departments continue to adopt new digital health apps, engagement hubs and value-based care programs to finally deliver on the promise of healthcare consumerism — true consumer-centric care that works for their employees — only to find their investments fail to make the impact they seek.

It's time to break the cycle.

Technology alone lacks the insight and compassion to personalize the employee health and benefits experience. Providers and employers do not have the data nor digital expertise to provide the personalized support healthcare consumers expect and deserve.

Learn how an approach that combines modern technology and human expertise can reach, influence, support and empower individuals at every stage of health.