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The Accolade healthcare technology platform

We’re connecting the fragmented world of healthcare in the name of better health.

A better, human experience enabled by innovative technology

Through quality interactions and secure, timely access to personal health data, Accolade Care Advocates and nurses can get to know each person, understand what matters to them, and make recommendations based on their unique situations. We anticipate needs and navigate people to the resources that can help them most.

We put each person at the center of care

Personalized recommendations

With a 360-degree view of each member, our intelligence engine delivers personalized healthcare recommendations to our Care Advocates as they support members, and to members directly as they interact with Accolade online or through the mobile app.

Meeting members where they are

Members interact with their Accolade Care Advocate and nurse through the channel of their choice — mobile app, online portal, or phone. Every interaction is visible to the member and their Accolade team on all channels.

Accolade Mobile app

Accolade Mobile supports people wherever they are when health issues or questions arise. Members can easily find all their benefits, message securely with their Accolade Care Advocate or nurse for trusted guidance, upload and share healthcare bills, and simply click to be instantly connected on a phone call.

Empowering our team and yours

Personalized, always-on communications

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With Accolade Boost, every member gets the right message, delivered in the right way at the right time. Through Boost campaigns, employers can choose from a growing library of programs pertaining to flu shots, pregnancy support, diabetes, and more. From there, employees are targeted with information and resources relating to those areas of care, helping to drive engagement with their benefits.

Efficient, personalized support

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Accolade InView is a powerful application that gives the Accolade team deep insight into each member as well as the tools to efficiently support them in an individualized way. Accolade clinicians can administer assessments, share evidence-based care content, and access and share resources to support members with all their healthcare needs, including logistical support to resolve barriers to care.

Analysis and insight

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Accolade IQ is an analytics and reporting portal that gives employers access to real-time reports on communications, benefits utilization, volume of clinical cases, member satisfaction, and insights to help benefits teams improve their strategies and programs.

A healthier, happier workforce awaits