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The Accolade clinical model

Comprehensive and compassionate support to improve the health and well-being of employees and their families.

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A team of experts for every member

Behind each Accolade member is a team of doctors, nurses, behavioral health clinicians, pharmacists, social workers, and clinical leaders working together to deliver personalized, evidence-based support.

Integrated, accredited care management

Accolade provides a unique approach to population health. With intelligent technology and a fully integrated set of clinical programs and services, we focus on the whole population. This means we pay attention to the whole person — not just the most complex cases or individual conditions. Our clinical team works to improve health by understanding people’s needs and life context to earn their trust and get them the right care when they need it.

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Case management

Complex care management

Primary care

Expert Medical Opinion

Symptom care

Pharmacy support

Treatment decision support

Condition care


Mental Health Integrated Care

Physician engagement

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Our clinical team partners with physicians to ensure members get the right care at every stage. We use robust data and claims history to help manage communication among doctors to coordinate appointments, address contextual barriers, close gaps in care, improve adherence and ensure care continuity for every member.

Whole population care

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Most patients who are high cost today weren’t in that category yesterday and won’t be tomorrow. That’s why we engage the entire population early and often, proactively helping members before or when they’re considering seeking care. We provide coaching, planning and guidance to influence decisions and help people get the right care at the right time — before they become high-risk, high-cost patients.

Whole-person care

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Workplace pressures, financial challenges, mental health issues and other factors play a significant role in a person’s health and their ability to get effective care. But physicians take contextual issues like this into account less than 50% of the time. 1 Accolade works to understand the full scope of a person’s life and what matters to them. This helps us identify and address any contextual factors that can cause barriers to care.

Trusted guidance that improves healthcare and outcomes

Our data shows that a personalized approach makes an impact in every aspect of healthcare


Pre-care assistance

Accolade assists 70% of members prior to care being delivered.


Adherence to nurse guidance

Over 95% of members planning to go to emergency rooms follow the guidance of their Accolade nurse to go to a lower-acuity care setting.


Engagement of people with complex, high-cost conditions

Accolade helps guide decisions of 90% of those with complex conditions before their healthcare costs reach high-cost claim threshold - more than 5% savings


Increase in colorectal cancer screenings

Accolade increases colorectal cancer screenings by 30%.

[1] Saul J. Weiner, “Listening for What Matters: Lessons about Caring from Concealed Recordings of Medical Encounters,” September 13, 2016.