A New Approach for Radical Results

The Right Care at the Right Time at the Right Cost

As the healthcare system gets more fragmented and complex, it’s only getting harder to navigate, which means more frustration, inefficiency and wasted spend. An estimated 40 percent of the $3 trillion the U.S. spends on healthcare each year is avoidable. It’s time for a new approach. One that makes healthcare a simpler, fully connected experience. One that people want to use. And one that helps individuals make the best choices to improve their health and reduce costs.

A High-Touch, High-Tech Model

Human interaction isn’t enough. Technology isn’t enough. To influence consumer behavior, you need both.

Accolade combines compassion, expertise and technology to provide a personalized healthcare experience that builds trust and helps people gain confidence in their healthcare decisions.


One trusted health and benefits advisor - backed by a deep clinical team - dedicated to understanding their members fully and getting them the personalized help they need to lead healthier, happier lives.


Behind every Health Assistant is a team of Nurses, Doctors, Behavioral Health Clinicians, Pharmacists, Social Workers and other clinical experts ready to support any medical need.


Data science, machine learning and natural language processing work together to identify health red flags, gaps in care and other trends. The solution gets smarter and more personalized with every interaction.

Technology that puts processes to work for people,
not the other way around.

Our advanced technology platform brings it all together - personal health data, health plan information, data insights, and the vast world of digital health tools and solutions. The result is a much simpler, smarter, personalized healthcare experience for each employee member.

Supporting your entire population, person by person

Early and often engagement

We engage the entire population, not just the sickest five percent. By engaging early, often and over time, we build trust and influence people to take the steps to stay healthy or get on the right care path.

Whole person approach

Emotional stress, financial issues, cultural beliefs, work schedules, transportation challenges — all play a role in a person’s healthcare journey. Our Health Assistants are trained to uncover the social, emotional and life factors that affect care and health outcomes.

Clinical model

An exceptional team of nurses, doctors, behavioral health specialists and pharmacists is ready to support every member. From acute issues to chronic conditions, our clinical model provides support every step of the way for every health condition.

Mobile App

We meet people where they are, making it simple for members to connect with their Health Assistant using their communication method of choice – whether online, by phone or mobile app.

Engagement, Satisfaction and Savings



We engage with 90% of your high cost claimants



Accolade achieves 40% engagement in Case Management compared to industry norms of 5% to 10%



67% of the total population engaged before a care event



70+ NPS = Extremely high satisfaction



98% member satisfaction



<1% medical cost trend

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