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Physician-led Advocacy reduces wait times and barriers

The Physician Gap can leave your employees waiting 26 days or more to see a doctor. This leads to high costs and lagging outcomes. Physician-led advocacy closes gaps in access, care coordination, health equity, and data connectivity to deliver better health. 


Focus on doctor-member relationships


Complete, trusted care delivery


Connected data across points of care


Equitable, accountable healthcare

Establish care today

Provide employees with early access to high quality care to prevent the need for high-cost urgent care and specialty visits. Accolade physicians are available for same-day appointments including urgent, preventive, and chronic care services. Our collaborative model also integrates mental healthcare with physical health for a supportive experience when people need it most.


Same-day appointments

80% of the time, members get same-day appointments [1]


Increased engagement

70% of families engaged annually [1]


Long-term relationships

41% of members who see Accolade physicians establish ongoing care [1]


Reduced overall costs

4% overall savings in employer healthcare costs [1]

Address health equity barriers

Accolade addresses health disparities that create equity gaps.

  • Preventive care and second opinion services for all communities

  • Predictive engagement models adjusted for potential bias

  • Our diverse and bilingual Care Team reflects the diversity of our members

Data connectivity across all points of care

Intelligent technology links member plan details and health profiles. This gives our physicians a full view of member data during appointments. 

  • True Health Actions, driven by data, enable personalized recommendations for optimized member outcomes 

  • Member data securely shared with external providers via national health information exchanges 

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Report: Advocacy interventions deliver measurable cost savings for employers

Discover how Accolade's Advocacy interventions deliver significant cost savings for employers, with analysis showing an average of $400 savings per member and over $3,600 for complex claims. Download our report for details on cost-effective employee care.

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Increasing Medication Adherence with Enhanced Rx

People don’t always take their medication how or when they should, which can lead to dangerous and costly adverse drug events. This case study details how an employer used pharmacy outreach to reduce ER visits, improve health outcomes and lower costs.

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[1] Representative customer data

Let's close your healthcare gaps.