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June 1 2020

Accolade COVID Response Care Delivers the U.S.’ First Comprehensive Clinical Solution for Reopening Workplaces with Care and Confidence

Accolade announces the availability of Accolade COVID Response Care.

June 1 2020

Want the U.S. to Go Back to Work? Here's How

— The critical role of employers as America reopens

May 1 2020

Hospital-at-Home to Support COVID-19 Surge—Time to Bring Down the Walls?

Hospitals are facing significant supply challenges of beds, staff, and equipment, including personal protective equipment.

April 29 2020

Coronavirus Testing: At-home tests approved, Questions arise over Antibody tests

A new at home coronavirus test has been approved by the FDA.

April 24 2020

New at-home coronavirus test is just opening salvo for the massive testing needed, experts say

A new Harvard report suggests America needs to test 20 million people a day before the country can think about safely reopening.

April 16 2020

Let Home Be Where the Hospital Is

Because of covid-19, hospitals around the country are either overflowing with patients or bracing themselves for the surge.

April 15 2020

Push Needed for At-Home Coronavirus Antibody Testing

Now 12 weeks after the first case on United States soil of COVID-19 on Jan. 21, 2020, access to testing remains a challenge.

April 14 2020

When Will We See At-Home COVID-19 Testing?

If we’re going to slow down the coronavirus pandemic and get people out of their homes and safely back to work, experts agree part of what’s needed is widespread testing.

April 14 2020

Scientists Are Racing to Get Us Faster, Simpler Coronavirus Testing

New types of tests being developed at lightning speed could radically transform how we track Covid-19’s progression and every future disease outbreak from here on out.

April 6 2020

From One-To-One To One-To-Many: Rethinking Health Care Relationships In The Digital Age

For centuries, the dominant form of medical care has been based on a one-to-one relationship between a physician and an individual patient: The patient presents with an illness, and a physician diagnoses the ailment and prescribes treatment.