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Employer Point Solutions are Going Unused

Source: 2015 Accolade Consumer Healthcare Index

The Accolade Effect

Accolade plays a critical role in helping members take advantage of their health and benefits resources, while helping employers curate and manage the right programs for their people and their business. Through an open, connected and flexible platform, Accolade integrates with any health or wellness tool, program or service, guiding members to the solutions that are best for them – expert opinion, telemedicine, wellness and others – and facilitating registrations and use at just the right time. This approach ensures the right programs, tools and resources are in place for employer populations, increasing utilization by 25-100%+.




30% increased weekly usage



80% of usage driven by Accolade Health Assistants



10x the usage driven by Accolade

Increased Utilization, Happier Employees

When healthcare is connected, good things happen —
increased use of health programs, earlier engagement, and healthier, happier employees.

I wasn’t sure if we needed to see a doctor for my son during a vacation. The consultation and help in determining if the condition was serious enough to need a doc - and being able to use Teladoc - was very valuable. I appreciate all your hard work. Thank you.
Lowe's employee

Integrated with Leading Point Solutions and Programs

Accolade and 2nd.MD: Helping members receive the appropriate level of care

To drive better health outcomes and control costs, 2nd.MD offers members the opportunity to consult with specialists representing some of the country’s top health systems.

Accolade and ClearCost Health: Improving satisfaction and lowering costs

ClearCost provider search and transparency tools are fully integrated into the Accolade healthcare ecosystem – increasing member utilization of the service by 2-3 times.

Accolade and Hinge Health: Helping people overcome back or joint pain

Hinge Health delivers best-practice care for musculoskeletal pain through a convenient, digital program without drugs or surgery. Participants avoid nearly 70% of surgeries and reduce their pain by over 50%.

Accolade and Limeade: Improving employee well-being

A healthier, happier workforce means improved productivity and performance. Limeade is an innovative corporate wellness technology company that allows employees to earn points and rewards for engaging in their care and well-being.

Accolade and Livongo: Empowering people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives.

Livongo reduces the daily burdens of people living with chronic conditions, starting with pre-diabetes, diabetes and hypertension, by driving behavior change through consumer health technology, personalized recommendations, and real-time support.

Accolade and meQuilibrium: Helping employees achieve health, well-being and optimal work performance.

meQuilibrium is the leader in data-driven human and organizational resilience solutions, empowering complex enterprises to optimize talent, well-being and business opportunity by measurably building resilience capacity at scale.

Accolade and Omada Health: Delivering a Personalized Coaching Platform for those at risk for, and with, type 2 diabetes and hypertension

Omada Health provides the most advanced care platform for individuals struggling with obesity-related chronic disease. Omada’s focus on behavior change helps individuals improve their health by combining proven behavioral science, professional health coaches, peer groups, connected technology, and world-class design.

Accolade and Ovia Health: Helping women and families lead healthier and happier lives

The leading maternity benefits program for employers and insurers, Ovia Health delivers personalized resources and benefits to women and families.

Accolade and Sedgwick: Collaborating in cases of injury, illness or the birth of a child

A new whole health solution links Sedgwick’s expertise with a trusted Accolade Health Assistant to navigate workers’ compensation, disability, leave of absence, job accommodations and health benefits.

Accolade and Teladoc: Helping members get fast, high-quality and affordable care

Teladoc lets members conduct doctor visits by phone or mobile video chat, offering a high-quality, cost-effective and convenient healthcare option.