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Accolade Social Impact

Supporting the communities we serve is not only the right thing to do, it’s necessary to achieving our goal of making healthcare work for every person.

Voting impacts our civic health

The health of our democracy, like our own personal health, depends on us. Accolade believes all those who are eligible need to make their voice heard by voting in local, state and national elections year-round.

Voter Registration Resources

This year, we’ve developed voting resources for all Accolade employees to ensure their voter registration is up-to-date, get registered, find their polling place for Election Day and request a mail-in ballot.

Poll Worker Support

Accolade employees can use their annual volunteer PTO day to serve as poll workers on Election Day.

No Meetings on Election Day

To ensure flexibility for employees, we’re not holding meetings on Election Day.

Voting is how we as citizens make our voices heard, communicate the things that concern us, and get our leaders and representatives to take action on them.

Mike Hilton

Chief Innovation Officer at Accolade

Anti-Racism is needed now

Accolade works at the intersection of health and race, which means that we seek to make healthcare work for every person, no matter their race, disability, or background.



Diversified Pipeline

Legal Defense Fund

The Board Challenge

Condition care

Race is usually something CEOs aren’t supposed to talk about except in bland, corporate-speak kind of terms. I believe we can and must do better than that.

Rajeev Singh

Chief Executive Officer at Accolade