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Accolade joins Thrive in pledging mental health support in the workplace

By Accolade | June 15, 2022 | 2 min read

Recently, Accolade joined forces with Thrive, a global nonprofit organization founded by Arianna Huffington, and the Society for Human Resource Management to sign a pledge to continue prioritizing our commitment to well-being and mental health. Our pledge is inspired by Accolade’s vision to help every person live their healthiest life.   It is no surprise that the past two years — and counting — have come with personal challenges, economic and social turmoil and global adversity. The advances being made in support of employee mental health and well-being are important, now more than ever. At Accolade, we are doubling down to aid in these efforts. Some of the ways we’re contributing to this movement include: 

  • Expanding our Mental Health Integrated Care offering to encompass mental health support for teens aged 13–17, integration with a preferred Employee Assistance Program and access to mindfulness exercises through Headspace for Work. 

  • Making access to annual face-to-face counseling visits available for Accolade employees and their families through our ComPsych Employee Assistance Program. 

  • Continuing to have open and empathetic conversations surrounding mental health, burnout and the daily personal struggles of employees in order to destigmatize mental health. 

We’re joining other business leaders from organizations like Microsoft, Accenture, AT&T and Mastercard to put employees’ mental health needs at the forefront. Join us in our efforts to create a more inclusive, safe and successful work environment and take the pledge today at  

Visit our page to learn more about our MHIC solution to help execute on your commitment to mental health for your people and their families.

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