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Save your HR team time and bandwidth

August 25, 2021 | 3 min read

Your HR team is tasked with the essential job of securing and retaining talent. But when they’re flooded with questions about healthcare benefits and claims, it makes it impossible to focus on the larger organizational strategy. 

Instead of asking a team that’s already stretched thin to become healthcare industry experts overnight, you can implement a personalized advocacy solution and improve your organization’s healthcare experience. 

Gain significant time savings 

Now more than ever, HR leaders are responsible for fostering a comprehensive, inclusive and exceptional employee experience. So how does a team with a growing to-do list maintain — and even boost — their efficiency?

You can start by making sure your employees have the ability to access their benefits effectively. The Guardian Life’s 9th Annual Workplace Benefits Study found that only 48% of employees think their employers do a good job at benefits communication. [1] Implementing a personalized advocacy solution like Accolade can help guide your people and their families onto the right healthcare path for them. 

By ensuring your team has the healthcare guidance they need, Accolade’s solutions can save your HR team significant time and bandwidth — allowing them to focus on the big picture. In fact, a leading technology company with 800 employees identified nearly 200 member interactions with Accolade care advocates that their HR team would’ve otherwise been responsible for managing themselves. 

Encourage benefits use and increase engagement

Another key to developing a benefits program that your employees will utilize is having a personalized approach that addresses individual healthcare needs. Personal connections can help ensure your people will have access to the most appropriate care when they need it most. At the same time, your company gains valuable and relevant insights into your employees’ healthcare needs and usage, which can make personalization even more effective in the future.

By leveraging data — from benefits usage to current employee population trends — Accolade combines intelligent technology with human support that: 

  • Identifies people who need help and the best ways to reach them.

  • Makes it simpler for employees to get in touch with experts who understand their health goals.

  • Anticipates a person’s needs and provides the right support at the right time to get them on the best care path.

Offering your people multiple access points to communicate, access information and learn about their healthcare benefits gives them autonomy over their healthcare journey. It also demonstrates that your organization values their well-being and encourages them to participate and remain engaged.

Create leverage for attracting talent

Every organization wants to recruit top-notch talent. So how do you stand out from the crowd and strengthen your existing employer-employee relationships? Use a holistic employee benefits program as a selling point to help leverage your organization’s ability to attract and retain talent.  

In a March 2021 survey conducted by America’s Health Insurance Plans, 75% of workers said that employer-provided coverage impacted their decision to accept their current job. [2] And within the context of the pandemic, 56% say that telehealth and mental health services have become more valuable than ever. These numbers illustrate the added value that a comprehensive, integrated benefits plan has for both current and prospective employees.

Find the right solution

You can respond to the increased demand for employer-provided health coverage that meets all your people’s needs by positioning your organization for success. An investment in the right healthcare solution, such as personalized advocacy, can help give your HR team the time savings and bandwidth they need for success. That’s why Accolade’s portfolio of solutions takes whole-person care approaches, addressing physical and mental health together to make it easier to get the right healthcare.

Make the employee healthcare experience easy for your organization and your employees by contacting Accolade to schedule a demo today. Let our Frontline Care Team of expert registered nurses and care advocates do what they do best, so your HR team can focus on what they do best.



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