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Introducing Accolade Connect: The only advocacy solution for personalized, curated member experiences

By Ryan McQuaid, EVP & GM of PlushCare, Accolade | February 07, 2023 | 4 min read

The complexity of today's health risks, coupled with rising costs and employees' expectations for a better healthcare experience, have created a significant challenge for benefits leaders. A startling 25% of all healthcare spend is wasted each year due to failed care delivery, lack of proper coordination of care, and excessive or unnecessary treatment.[1] More than half of patients report not feeling confident knowing when, where and how to get the care they need.[2] To tackle the waste, the rising costs, and the confusion and to create a happier and healthier employee base, it's essential to implement an effective solution to these problems. 

Introducing Accolade Connect, the only advocacy solution to offer personalized and curated experiences for members, making it easy to provide clinical recommendations at the right moment. This highly valuable solution is not just easy to implement and flexible enough to expand along with your current strategy and needs — but it also optimizes outcomes in terms of reduced cost, improved clinical quality, access to care, and employee satisfaction. 

Let’s face it: healthcare is not something our employees or we think about every day, but it becomes crucial when faced with what we at Accolade refer to as “health moments that matter most.” Those moments include:  

  • Experiencing symptoms  

  • Need help finding a doctor  

  • New serious diagnosis  

  • Difficulty managing a chronic condition 

Accolade Connect acts on these pivotal moments to ensure your employees understand how and where to get the care they need. This solution provides support across all stages of care, ranging from preparing for and receiving care to follow-up appointments and conversations. 

Accolade’s capabilities and solutions are what enable us to provide an exceptional experience for your employees and their families throughout their entire journey. Accolade Connect includes: 

  • Accolade Advocacy: Personalized guidance and expertise for all benefits and clinical needs, offering multiple access points to communicate, access information, and learn about healthcare benefits.  

  • Accolade Care: Advanced primary care and integrated mental health that goes beyond urgent or episodic health moments — like traditional telehealth — encompassing the entire spectrum of a person’s well-being.  

  • Accolade Expert MD: Video consultations with expert specialist doctors that help your employees avoid the costs and risks of unnecessary surgeries and procedures by helping them make informed decisions based on evidence-based care.  

Accolade Connect stands out from other solutions as it provides a more comprehensive approach for the whole population with meaningful results. It bridges the gap between physical and mental health benefits navigation, advocacy, and care delivery services so you can be sure you're doing what's best for your employees and their families. This approach helps ensure health outcomes tailored to each employee’s needs, leading to improved well-being by providing expert support when needed most. 

In the last year, Accolade has taken its 15+ years of personalized advocacy experience and added care delivery — virtual primary care, mental health and expert medical opinion — to build a solution that puts human connection at the center. One of the most important elements is our Care Team, who prioritizes human connections that are informed by AI and data to weave together medical history, assessment scores, doctor visits, and more to help each employee develop a care plan to make sure they’re getting the care they need. Our Care Teams are interconnected rather than siloed. They have a view of each member’s full benefits and can make recommendations and guide them to high-value, in-network specialty care, and clinical point solutions when necessary. And we always know what comes next — from which doctor they need to speak with, what appointments are coming up, to what treatment plans are available.     

Accolade Connect offers an innovative and value-focused solution, driving cost savings and reduced waste through more efficient use of resources. Through timely interventions and personalized guidance with expert healthcare support, Accolade Connect acts on pivotal moments in the healthcare journey to ensure your employees understand how and where to get the care they need. This helps ensure improved outcomes  tailored to each individual employee’s needs, leading to improved well-being by providing expert support during pivotal healthcare moments. 

If you're looking for a solution that intervenes in timely moments during the healthcare journey, provides personalized guidance with expert support, delights members, and helps them feel genuinely cared for, Accolade Connect offers improved outcomes tailored to each employee’s needs, resulting in overall improved well-being. 

Contact us today to learn more about how Accolade Connect can help you deliver the best medical benefits and affordable healthcare experience for your employees.  



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