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COVID Vaccine Questions: Asked and Answered

March 12, 2021 | 2 min read

With 3 brands of COVID-19 vaccine being made available across the U.S. and daily vaccination rates on the rise, there’s reason to hope that the COVID pandemic is approaching its final act. But even as vaccines become available to more Americans, many have lingering questions about the vaccines. 

How do they work? What testing did they undergo? How will I know when I can get one?

These are all reasonable questions about products that were developed and distributed with astounding speed, and having clear, confident answers to them is key to ensuring people across the country actually get vaccinated. That, in turn, is key to controlling the spread of COVID-19 and achieving the sort of herd immunity that could herald a return to life as we knew it before the pandemic. 

That’s why Accolade has produced a series of three videos that can help you field questions you can expect to hear—or have already gotten—from your team about the COVID vaccines currently available from Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. These short videos cover three categories of questions—Access, Science, and Decision Making—in just over a minute each, and you can check out each one below. 

Access: Want to get a handle on who is eligible for vaccinations, and where your employees can turn to find out how to keep abreast of the latest information? Accolade nurse Amira Childs is here to help, answering common questions about how people can get access to COVID vaccinations. 

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Science: Looking for help explaining how the current COVID vaccines were developed and tested, how they protect people and just what the heck an mRNA vaccine is, anyway? Look no further than Accolade’s senior director of clinical solutions, Dr. Greg Burrell, who’s here to break down the cutting-edge science behind today’s COVID vaccines.

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Decision Making: While vaccine availability is on the rise, there are plenty of people across the country who remain hesitant about taking a vaccine, whether due to simple cautiousness or because they’ve been exposed to all-too-prevalent misinformation about the subject. Whatever is driving vaccine skepticism among your team members, decision scientist Nika Kabiri provides you with the tools to confront it with empathy, understanding and facts. 

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