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Filling the gaps in mental healthcare

November 01, 2023 | 1 min read

Finding relief for mental health issues may sometimes feel insurmountable. Accolade is striving to change that. We want to ensure that whatever issues you’re facing, mental healthcare is just a message away. Our Care Team exemplified this when a member we'd been connecting with reached out to let us know he wasn’t doing well.

We helped him find mental healthcare options and continued checking in with him. Unfortunately, during one of our follow-up calls, the member let us know that he was in the emergency room due to a drug overdose. While that was a setback, our team got to work equipping him for the long haul. We arranged primary care provider and therapist visits that same day and helped him make an appointment with a psychiatrist.

“Seeking help when you have symptoms of depression, or anxiety, or any other behavioral health concern is the most important thing you can do,” said Will Siegal, Accolade Care Team member.

Watch the video to hear the full story.

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