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How Apptio unlocked the value of their health benefits with Accolade

Using Accolade Total Benefits, Apptio drove lagging employee engagement with their benefit plans to unheard of rates.

August 28, 2020 | 2 min read

When it comes to helping enterprises get the most value from their IT investments, Apptio is an industry leader, serving more than 60% of Fortune 100 companies. Part of the strategy behind their success? Building a great team, in part by offering a generous package of benefits.

The problem? They found that their employees weren’t making the most of those benefits. Despite education efforts from Apptio’s internal HR team and an 800 number where employees could get help to use the health programs and resources available to their families, utilization of Apptio’s suite of benefits remained stubbornly low.

“What we needed to do was raise awareness and appreciation for our benefits,” says Apptio Total Rewards Director Gina Goodrich. “We needed a way to bring our benefits to the forefront for employees and their family members, while also giving them a path to have better medical outcomes.”

The way they found to do just that? Accolade Total Benefits. With benefits experts and experienced nurses supported by intelligent technology, Accolade Total Benefits provides the personal touch that Apptio’s employees need to take advantage of their benefits and make the best healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.

Apptio employees can now interact with Accolade healthcare experts who understand their families and health needs as well as they do Apptio’s benefit plans. Instead of navigating the opaque healthcare system on their own, Apptio employees now have an ally in their corner, working with them to find the right doctor, resolve thorny billing questions, and even choose a new health plan that’s right for them.

That last item was especially important last year, when Apptio was transitioning to a new health insurance carrier. Accolade’s benefits experts were key in keeping the transition smooth by advising Apptio staff on their new options and ensuring the transition didn’t cause any interruptions in care for Apptio employees or their families.

Approximately 25% of Apptio’s total U.S. workforce engaged with Accolade’s nurses and care advocates in year one, a dramatic increase over member engagement with the previous 800 number. Nearly 200 member interactions represented issues that HR previously would have been responsible for handling prior to implementing Accolade, representing significant time savings for the lean department.

To learn more about how Accolade helped improve the healthcare experience for Apptio employees and free up bandwidth check out our case study here.

To learn more about Accolade Total Benefits and how your business can benefit, schedule a demo with us today.

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