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Providing access to virtual expert medical opinions with Accolade Expert MD

December 15, 2021 | 3 min read

At Accolade, it’s our mission to give people the tools and support they need to make the right healthcare decisions. That’s why we’re offering Accolade Expert MD. It helps people get expert medical opinions from the comfort of home. It’s one more way we’re working to transform U.S. healthcare for the better.

Like all our solutions, Accolade Expert MD is part of Personalized Healthcare promise. We empower doctors and care teams to focus on human-to-human care, giving them the time and ability to look people in the eye. They’re powered by real-time data and artificial intelligence that allows them to put the focus where it matters most — on people.

Easy access to virtual second opinions

Accolade Expert MD helps members dealing with complex health conditions such as cancer, heart disease and other hard to understand diagnoses by providing them with an expert medical opinion from one of the nation’s leading specialists. When a person has questions about a recent health screening, treatment or diagnosis a second opinion can provide peace of mind and information that they didn’t have before. 

However, people often don’t know how to get a second opinion, or even that they can do so. Even when someone does attempt to get another opinion, doing so often involves a long wait – one that people coping with a scary diagnosis can ill-afford. With Accolade Expert MD, access to some of the nation’s leading medical specialists for an expert medical opinion is fast and  easy because we connect people for a virtual consultation from phone or video.

Health screenings with a medical specialist, scheduled fast

People who might benefit from an expert consultation with one of the more than 900 top-tier physicians we work with are connected for a live consultation within a matter of days. Our team supports them throughout the process from finding the specialist best suited to their case to collecting all the relevant medical records for the patient and sending them to the specialist in advance of the consultation. Our nurses are specialized in the type of care the individual is receiving as well, so they understand exactly what people need to share with their specialist and can expertly guide them through the process.

Virtual consultations let our team of medical specialists schedule appointments with the member’s schedule in mind, so there is no need to travel or take time off of work. Conversations can take as long as the person needs to get their questions answered and after, individuals receive a written summary to help them remember what they talked about and that they can share with their local provider. 

Lowering healthcare costs and increasing appreciation of benefits 

There are plenty of reasons to help your people get the medical access they need with Accolade Expert MD. Our virtual consultations help people avoid the costs and risks of unnecessary surgeries and procedures by helping them make informed decisions based on evidenced-based care. Because they help ensure people are educated about all of their healthcare options, the majority of Accolade Expert MD consultations lead to improved treatment plans.

There are also other benefits of providing expert medical opinions that are aren’t as easy to quantify, such as a empowerment, productivity and satisfaction. For example, the majority of members also report that this kind of access to medical specialists increases their appreciation of their employer’s health plan benefits

Accolade’s Expert MD is available as an add-on to Accolade’s other solutions and as a stand-alone solution. Learn more about Accolade Expert MD.

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