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Accolade makes National Wellness Month last all year

By Accolade | August 11, 2022 | 3 min read

August may be National Wellness Month, but at Accolade, we prioritize the wellness of our members every day. That’s because everything we do at Accolade is centered around the physical and mental wellbeing of the people we serve. 

Every day, Accolade helps our members achieve their health and wellness goals – assisting them in building healthy routines, supporting their self-care, and helping them manage stress. Keep reading to learn how our Care Teams can help your people live their healthiest lives.  

Healthy routines 

Accolade’s nurses and Health Assistants help members create healthy habits and routines that let them live their healthiest lives. With the support of our Care Team, and our partners at Virta, the City of Fort Worth helped reduce the diabetes trend among its employees.

By combining the power of technology and personal interactions with human beings, Accolade helped members with diabetes connect with behavioral coaching and nutrition programs instead of options like surgery or medications. After just four months, City of Fort Worth employees who worked with Accolade and Virta saw an average weight loss of 4.6%, or 10 pounds. They also cut their use of diabetes medications by 40% on average, with a quarter of members discontinuing their use of diabetes medications altogether. 


In the spirit of Personalized Healthcare, Accolade knows that self-care can take a lot of different shapes – what works for one person might not suit another. Whether it’s stretching, meditation, breathing exercises or keeping a success diary of your wins in life, our Mental Health Integrated Care solution in partnership with Headspace Health gives your people access to a library of self-care practices and tips on how to get the most out of them. There’s even a specialized library of self-care techniques directed at teens focused on the unique mental health challenges they face.  

And if you want to learn more about how Mental Health Integrated Care from Accolade can help manage stress and provide support for your members – and their families – watch this brief on-demand webinar. 

Stress management 

Mental and emotional stress have clear impacts on physical health, and with burnout rates on the rise [1], managing stress is not something your people can put off. Stress management needs to be a proactive practice, which is why Accolade Care’s virtual primary care model integrates mental health services alongside physical healthcare.  

As a result, our patient-centered model takes the whole person into account and ensures they get all the care they need. The results – including a 31% decrease in depression symptoms reported by Accolade Care members – speak for themselves. 

To learn more about the increasing importance of supporting your people’s mental health and wellness and how Accolade can help, check out our on-demand webinar on the topic. 


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