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3 ways AI enhances Accolade’s service to members

February 05, 2024 | 2 min read

Accolade is revolutionizing healthcare with a unique blend of human expertise and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI). In a recent webinar, AI in Healthcare: Merging AI and Human Expertise for Better Outcomes, Kristen Bruzek, SVP of operations, and Ardie Sameti, senior director of AI, automation, and scale – shed light on how we utilize AI to augment an empathetic human approach, underpinning our member-obsessed core value as an organization.

Here are three ways Accolade uses AI to enhance service to members:

1. Training AI to detect empathy in conversations

Measuring the quality of our hallmark compassionate listening and connection with members has leveled up in scale through a partnership with Observe.AI. As highlighted by the Wall Street Journal, we’ve trained speech-to-text technology in recognizing a wide range of empathetic expressions to evaluate calls with members and score interactions. This innovative use of AI provides real-time feedback and escalation management, identifying quality improvement opportunities in member service. Our model scores 10,000 interactions per day compared with the 100 – 200 our team could evaluate in the past.

2. Automating tasks to optimize 1:1 human interaction

Intelligent call routing matches inbound member inquiries with the right Care Team member, reducing hand-offs and expediting service. The team uses auto note summarization to efficiently generate summaries of member interactions and the next steps the health assistant will track. Automating critical points in service delivery supports the Care Team in being fully present with members during interactions.

3. Providing 24/7 self-service

Common questions that don’t require a human to respond are managed by AVA, the Accolade Virtual Assistant. A friendly, interactive voice bot within our voice experience, AVA understands natural language and responds empathetically. AVA makes it easy for members to authenticate, captures the reason for their call and then resolves tasks that are self-service on the spot. For member inquiries that need a human, AVA routes the member to the best resource for optimal support.

We invite you to hear more from Ardie and Kristen about how Accolade’s AI-backed solutions enhance member service. Watch the full webinar. 

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