The Accolade Platform

Connecting the fragmented world of healthcare.

The Consumer at the Center of Care

It’s time to make healthcare work for everyone – simply, efficiently, and seamlessly. That’s the beauty of Accolade. We untangle the complex web of healthcare, creating a single, integrated consumer experience. We unlock the power of data, generating unmatched insight into the unique needs of each person. And we connect the vast world of healthcare technology innovation, enabling highly efficient and personalized healthcare support for each individual. Simpler is better for everyone – for employees, their families, and their employers.

Unlocking the Power of Data

Personalized healthcare support starts with data. With secure and timely access to personal health data and quality interactions, we can get to know each person, understand what matters to them, and address their unique needs. Our technology platform brings together a wide range of health data – medical and Rx claims, biometrics, lab results, risk scoring, utilization data, point solution data, and more – and combines it with insight gained from every personalized interaction, creating a 360-degree profile of each member. Using this rich set of data, our intelligence engine provides highly personalized healthcare recommendations to our Health Assistants as they support members, and to members directly as they interact with Accolade through the web or mobile app.

A Seamless Health and Benefits Experience

One place to go, one password to remember, and a completely integrated, personalized health and benefits experience. The Accolade cloud-based platform connects the fragmented world of employer health and benefits programs, providing a much simpler experience that increases engagement. The platform powers a suite of connected Accolade solutions, including our mobile application, online member portal, member engagement software, customer analytics dashboard, and member communications engine. Interaction anywhere is visible everywhere for the member and their dedicated team – from mobile to online to phone.

Maya Intelligence Engine

Millions of data points churn within our intelligence engine to present powerful insight and highly personalized recommendations for each member, helping influence behavior and healthcare decision making.

Accolade Mobile

Live, secure messaging with a dedicated Health Assistant and Nurse, and integrated apps such as claims, telemedicine and provider search.

Accolade Ecosystem

Integrated digital health solutions from an employer's full suite of benefits, combined and simplified for both members and employers.

Accolade Online

Online entry point for members to their personalized health and benefits. Secure messaging with their dedicated Accolade team is automatically synched with the mobile app.

Clinical Interventions

Data and intelligence combine with personalized member profiles to enable clinical interventions and support at precisely the right time.

Accolade Activate

We reach each member with valuable health and benefits information where most convenient for them – mobile, email, online, or in the office.

Accolade IQ

A rich dashboard for employers to access real-time reports on member engagement, utilization of benefits, and insights that support benefits teams.

Accolade InView

A comprehensive and personalized dashboard for the Accolade team into the health, life and benefits of each individual and family member.

Our influence is about making smart decisions and getting people to the right care the first time, If you do this really well, you not only have really delighted and healthier consumers, you save meaningful amounts of money on healthcare costs, because you eliminate waste.
Mike Hilton, Chief Product Officer