Accolade COVID Response Care

Keep your people healthy and productive and workplaces working

How we help

Accolade COVID Response Care is a comprehensive clinical solution that helps employers get their people back to work safely. We follow the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance to best position you for a successful and healthy return. And we manage the full COVID-19 lifecycle: prevention, early detection, testing, condition management and recovery, contact tracing and isolation, vaccination and safe return to work.

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The Accolade COVID Response Care Experience


Prevention and Communication

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 at your worksites.

Every employee is supported with the right message at the right time. This includes reminders of established protocols and procedures, vaccine education and directing employees to diagnostic testing if needed.


Health Assistants

Provide clear guidance based on clinical evidence.

If an employee has concerns about exposure to the virus, is experiencing symptoms, or does not meet your organization’s screening requirement for returning to work, we guide them to the appropriate care and testing.


COVID Condition Management

Provide clear guidance based on clinical evidence.

For employees who test positive, Accolade nurses are with them every step of the way. They receive a care plan, education, and support during and after quarantine. The nurse helps them until they can return to work.


Return to Work Verification

Quarantine and care plan adherence.

Contact tracing is performed for those exposed to the infected employee. The last step in the infected employee’s care plan is testing to see if they are now negative. If they are negative and have adhered to their care plan, they receive a return to work verification.

Reliable resources on COVID-19 vaccines

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues and vaccines are produced and distributed, Accolade remains committed to keeping you updated on the latest information on vaccines.


Clinical guidance for every health need

Accolade provides personalized clinical support to individuals and families at every stage of health and care.

“During difficult times like these I felt a little peace talking to Christine after I was having symptoms of COVID-19. She walked me through every step, and gave me accurate information on how to get tested. She continued to check on me throughout the last two weeks. I cannot recommend this service enough. They truly care, are knowledgeable and are real humans! Thank you Christine and thank you Accolade.”

— Accolade member and employee of major U.S. airline