Mental Health Integrated Care

Bring together mental and physical healthcare to improve employee health

and reduce healthcare costs

How we help

It’s time for a new approach to employee mental health – one designed to give your people instant, integrated, high-quality care for better health and cost savings. That’s Mental Health Integrated Care. In collaboration with Ginger, the leader in on-demand mental healthcare, we instantly get people the level of emotional and mental health support they need and integrate it with their physical care. Our solution is built on the Collaborative Care model, an approach proven to improve health outcomes and deliver a return on investment.



Current approaches to employee mental health aren’t measuring up

Employees need support more than ever. Accolade delivers in the time of COVID and beyond.

Employees are feeling more stressed than at any other point in their careers. 2 And while nearly all employers offer mental health benefits, these solutions often fail to make an impact. Too many obstacles stand in the way – from stigma and provider shortages to a lack of focus on measuring results. It’s no surprise that 60% of workers are dissatisfied with their employer’s mental health support during the pandemic. 3

We do things differently. Accolade proactively supports the mental health needs of the workforce. We identify people with needs, reach out, reduce stigma and in collaboration with Ginger, provide timely, coordinated, and integrated care. We don’t stop at utilization or access but instead drive for better health outcomes.

Accolade’s Mental Health Integrated Care experience


Targeted outreach, reduced stigma

Most mental health solutions wait for people to engage. We use data and relationships to reach out to people with the most needs and get them on track. Our care team educates members, destigmatizes mental healthcare, uncovers needs, and guides members directly to on-demand mental healthcare.


Easy access to the right care

The member is guided to a mental health coach from Ginger in less than two minutes. From there, the member can be escalated to care from a licensed therapist or psychiatrist within 48 hours. We also help guide members to appropriate in-person care depending on their needs.


Integrated mental and physical care

The Accolade and Ginger team coordinates care for the member using a shared care plan, conducting joint case rounds and exchanging data. Accolade addresses physical health needs and collaborates with the member’s primary care physician – closing the last mile gap of most mental health solutions.


Better outcomes

Where most mental health solutions only track utilization and access, Mental Health Integrated Care tracks clinical outcomes across all levels of risk.

"The Collaborative Care Model has the most evidence among integration models to demonstrate its effective and efficient integration in terms of controlling costs, improving access, improving clinical outcomes, and increasing patient satisfaction in a variety of primary care settings"

— American Psychiatric Association

“I’ve been working with Shannon at Accolade to help my college student get therapy to manage her anxiety. She’s been amazing. She’s checked in along the way as my daughter has met with her doctor and adjusted to new meds. Every step of the way she checks in and makes sure we’re on the right path. I’ve so appreciated and valued her help and support through this time.”

— Accolade member and employee of national financial services company

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