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Medication Integrated Care

Accolade’s solution to reduce medication-related costs

Medication Integrated Care to prevent adverse drug events

Adverse drug events (ADEs) cause an estimated 5-10% of all hospitalizations,[1] $3.5 billion in costs and over 7,000 deaths[2] annually in the U.S., representing a broad health risk across populations.

  • ADEs are responsible for 1.3 million emergency department visits annually

  • 82% of adults take one or more medications

  • 29% of adults take five or more medications[3]

Medication Integrated Care from Accolade makes managing medications easy for your people.

The complicated role of cost

Affordability is a challenge for people managing prescriptions, with a study of Medicare beneficiaries finding a correlation between higher spending and lower medication adherence. An extra $10.44 in out-of-pocket spending contributed to a 22.6% decrease in medication adherence and a 32.7% increase in mortality.[4]

These challenges are expected to increase in the future, as medication costs rose 7.4% for large employers in 2021.[5]

How Accolade helps manage medications and improve outcomes

To address these trends, Medication Integrated Care combines the expertise and technology of Accolade and Rx Savings Solutions to help your people manage their medications.

With Medication Integrated Care, pharmacists engage with members to review all prescribed medications, provide consultations and remove cost barriers that can lead to non-adherence. This solution also helps lower prescription costs for employers and members alike.

Better together

Accolade's partnership with Rx Savings Solutions uses the advanced analytics and member engagement capabilities of both companies. This data lets us reach out to members and proactively help them control the risk of complications and save on costs. By optimizing strategic integrations, this combined offering helps members get the right treatment at the best prices.

Benefits of Medication Integrated Care

Helps understand and manage medications

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The Medication Integrated Care team helps members understand their prescription and over-the-counter medications and educates them about side-effects and interactions.

Cuts costs for employers and consumers

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Our care team identifies barriers members encounter to taking medications, like cost. Then we identify alternatives and work with their providers to make modifications. 

Right medication at the right time

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By proactively reaching out to the members who need us most, Accolade relieves anxiety around prescriptions and ensures people know how to safely take their medications. 

Real-life examples

Member story: Barry


  • Original med: Travatan Z | $661/fill

  • Skipped treatment - 40 days

  • Affordable alternative - Latanaprost $32/fill

  • Result - Opted for a lower-priced option that fit his budget. Averted permanent vision loss.

Member story: Elisa

Type 2 Diabetes

  • Original med: Januvia | $114/fill

  • Skipped treatment - 38 days

  • Affordable alternative - Alogliption $44/fill

  • Result - Resumed treatment, avoided a hospital stay or worse. Avg stay for Type 2 diabetics is 7 days at a cost of $50k+

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