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Enhanced Rx: It’s about more than medication

Improve health outcomes with proactive, one-on-one pharmacy outreach guided by intelligent analytics.

It’s about health

Each health journey is unique, yet common scenarios like feeling overwhelmed, lacking information about medication risks, or struggling with affordability can lead to a lack of medication adherence and increase the risk of adverse health events. Empower your employees to navigate their health journey confidently.

Go beyond costs

Total pharmacy spend involves more than just the price of medication. Misused prescriptions can strain your budget and impact the health of your employees. A clinical program and dedicated pharmacist can manage costs and guide employees to a sustainable path forward.

Enhanced Rx, available as a buy-up to Accolade Plus, brings peace of mind about investment in employees’ health and pharmacy spend. With Enhanced Rx, move the needle on key indicators such as medication adherence and see results with savings per member.

Benefits of Enhanced Rx

Clinical oversight

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Effective medication therapy management helps achieve optimal health outcomes and unlock significant savings - a clear demonstration that every $1 invested in adherence translates into a remarkable $7 reduction in total healthcare costs.[1]

Pharmacist advocates

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Place a knowledgeable advocate in your employees’ corner with a dedicated pharmacy team that prioritizes patient safety, optimizes prescription use as part of treating the underlying health condition, and drives adherence.  

Better health outcomes

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The combination of clinical oversight and strong pharmacist-member relationships benefits downstream health outcomes with fewer avoidable ER visits and more medication adherence. With Enhanced Rx, pharmaceuticals play their ​recommended ​role in employee health.

6 ways Accolade pharmacists advocate for members:


Holistic care

Holistic care coordination that takes into account all prescriptions from all providers and even over-the-counter medications.


Proactive health screening

As part of the Accolade Care Team, pharmacists can also refer members to additional benefits and digital health programs offered by their employer.


Uncovering barriers

Identify and understand barriers that lead to rationing, misusing, or avoiding filling prescriptions, which put the member at risk for a dangerous or poor health outcome.


Empowering members

Health literacy to educate members on the importance and purpose of their prescriptions. ​


Cost-saving strategies

Review options to save the member money through using lower-cost alternatives. ​


Maintaining vigilance

Vigilance around opioid abuse and other controlled substances​.

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