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Integrated virtual primary and mental health care

Accolade Care

Getting quality care shouldn't be so hard

1 in 3 adults lack a primary care physician.

On average, it takes 24 days to schedule an appointment with a primary care physician.

91% of Accolade members say it is easy for them to access a high-quality doctor or hospital. Just 73% of non-members say the same.

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Lack of access to quality care hurts people and businesses

Delays in primary care can increase costs and impact outcomes. Those who lack a primary care physician tend to use high-cost urgent care or specialists more frequently.

The CDC reports that during the pandemic, 4 in 10 adults avoided medical care, 32% avoided routine care and 31% percent suffered from anxiety and depression symptoms, accelerating the need for primary care and mental health alternatives.

Accolade unlocks the full potential of virtual care

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Accolade Care

  • Trusted relationships

  • Advanced primary care

  • Integrated mental health

  • Virtual-first care models

Trusted relationships

Physicians establish long-term relationships, or work alongside a member’s in-person primary care physician to support preventive, urgent and chronic care.

Advanced primary care

We combine clinical, financial and individual benefits data to personalize care guidance. Our multidisciplinary team supports members and coordinates specialty and in-person care.

Integrated mental health

Our collaborative mental health care model integrates physical and mental health. This gives your people a complete, supportive experience when they need it most.

Virtual-first care models

We partner with employers and health plans to enable virtual-forward plan designs that improve access, experience and affordability.

Explore our results

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I have been an RN for 58 years. Accolade Care soothed my nerves, renewed my script, and I simply love Dr. Wade.

Jean T.


Medical Doctors card

Putting the patient at the center of care should be the focus — it should always be about the people and providing the right whole-person care.

Dr. James Wantuck

Medical Doctors

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In a world where so much is going on, I was able to provide help to one woman and make her feel like her situation deserves a good dose of care.

Accolade 24/7 Care Team member

24/7 Care Team

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You have a medical expert right at your fingertips. You’re able to engage immediately — providing a lot of hope and confidence you’re on the right track with your medical care.

Matt Hall, Koch Global Services

HR administrators

Our numbers don’t lie


Sixty plus percent

People avoid high-cost ER or urgent care visits


One thirds

Use Accolade for ongoing chronic care


Thirty-one percent

Reported decrease in depression symptoms

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